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Pool Safety: What You Should Know

Eastern Aquatics is committed to creating quality, custom pools with affordability and attention to detail in mind. We treat every new project as if the final product were going into our own backyard, especially when it comes to safety. According to the CDC, drowning is on the rise as a leading c...

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Eastern Stone Announces Rebrand as Eastern Aquatics

Eastern Stone, based in Schenectady, is excited to announce its rebrand to Eastern Aquatics. Along with a brand new website, the new name reflects the company’s full capabilities to handle residential and commercial aquatic projects.Owner Daniel Foshee has seen first-hand how water shapes our exp...

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Choosing A Pool Design And Shape

You’ve dreamed of owning a pool, and you’re finally ready to make that dream a reality. Having a pool can bring a lot of joy into your life—and a lot of visual appeal into your yard.Right away, you’ll need to make some big decisions. One of the biggest will be how your pool will look. This isn’t ...

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Planning for Your Commercial Gunite Pool Project

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge, there are several factors to consider when planning for your new commercial gunite pool. Working with a team that is as committed, as you are, to making your vision a reality can make a big project manageable and efficient. Thoughtful planning and effic...

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Gunite Swimming Pool Construction

Gunite swimming pool construction is a major project in any backyard. Large luxury swimming pools require the removal of an impressive pile of earth. Even a small pool will produce a large mound. Add the digging equipment to the mix and it is obvious your backyard is going to go through some trau...

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