Swimming Pool Plaster

When you plan your pool’s design, you likely focus on three elements: the shape, the size, and the finish. One of the more popular finish choices is pool plaster. Pool plaster is more than an attractive addition to the pool, it’s also necessary for durability and function. The finish helps protect the pool surface against chemical imbalance, age, and general wear and tear. Whether you’re installing a brand-new inground swimming pool or need your pool surface repaired, the pool builders at Eastern Aquatics are pool plaster experts.

Pool plaster is the most reliable pool finishes available. The plaster is a coating applied to the pool shell of your inground pool to create a smoother surface. It also forms a watertight seal and protects your swimming pool from damage. The traditional white plaster is a blend of white portland cement, marble dust, and water. Known as marcite, it’s used in pool design throughout the world. When a pool is full of water, the pool surface is a breathtaking blue. This classic pool plaster is an affordable choice for any pool but can be prone to stains. Eastern Aquatics uses a polymer modified cement with embedded quartz to give you the classic look that’s more durable than the traditional plaster.

Once your pool surface shows signs of wear and tear over time, it’s time to replaster your pool. Your pool surface may scratch or hurt swimmers, especially if the surface is uneven and rough from plaster erosion. Worn plaster can also stain or damage your pool’s shell. Once you start to see noticeable changes in your pool surface, you likely need pool replastering. Pool replastering involves applying a new plaster layer on your pool shell to reinforce the watertight seal and smooth the surface.

Quartz Pool Finishes

Pool surface options go beyond the basic white plaster. Eastern Aquatics can help you have a beautiful long-lasting pool surface with a quartz finish. A quartz finish is an aggregate with ceramic-coated sand and offers a lifestyle of 15 to 20 years. Combining the quartz with a white or colored pool plaster makes for a beautiful sparkling look. The quartz blend is also more durable and harder than traditional plaster.

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