Gunite Swimming Pool Construction and how to Prepare

Gunite swimming pool construction is a major project in any backyard. Large luxury swimming pools require the removal of an impressive pile of earth. Even a small pool will produce a large mound. Add the digging equipment to the mix and it is obvious your backyard is going to go through some trauma. We recommend you remove your favorite shrubs and plants before we start.

Are Commercial Swimming Pools and Residential Gunite Ones the Same?
Both have a steel reinforcing frame, set in a hole and with gunite sprayed around it. The amount of reinforcing and concrete depends on the soil and the volume of water. Residential gunite pools are scaled down versions of larger commercial ones, but using similar gunite swimming pool construction methods.

At What Stage Do I Need to Think about Water Features and Fountains?
We like to nail these down during the design phase if we can. It makes a deal of sense to do all the digging at the same time. An all-inclusive swimming pool design incorporates planning everything ahead, including filtration design, automated covers and water features
Please Explain the Gunite Swimming Pool Construction Process in Detail
It’s a key point, because the more you know the process, the better you can prepare for it.

  1. We invest time ahead of digging luxury swimming pool. We believe in rechecking, but only having to make the hole once.
  2. Things settle down as we install the reinforced steel cage. Your pool starts taking shape and you can imagine using it.
  3. Private and commercial swimming pools have pipes running to and from the filtration system. We fit these and for water features and fountains too.
  4. Then it is time to spray on the gunite. After 30 days, we apply tile and a waterproof quartz plaster finish

Your family will be excited because their swimming pool design is nearly finished. The final phase of gunite swimming pool construction is fitting edging tiles and paving. Then we can install the auto covers, fill the pool, and you can start thinking about your next summer party. That in summary is how gunite swimming pool construction works, and how to prepare before we arrive.

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