Pool Construction: Our Partner Project in Cooperstown

We are thrilled when an opportunity comes along to partner with an excellent designer, architect or landscape architect. We recently had to pleasure to partner with Redbud Development on one of their backyard redesigns in Cooperstown, NY.
Adding a pool to the design of your yard is a big decision, involving budget considerations and other complexities. Working with experts like Redbud Development helps to ensure that topographical issues are addressed (like elevation and drainage) while considering the placement of your pool in relation to other features (like large structures, stone patios, fences and retaining walls). This was very important to the Cooperstown project and something all homeowners should consider.
Another perk of partnering with landscape experts is a high-level understanding of the process. Many steps are taken to ensure the highest quality and compliance, along with careful consideration to timing in regards to each element of your project. 
  1. Understand your site
  2. Remember the user
  3. Use a form and/or style theme
  4. Create and link spaces
  5. Consider the function of plants
  6. Structure plantings
  7. Highlight important points
  8. Pay attention to detail
  9. Take time into account
  10. Protect your resources
As far as our own process for installing Gunite Pools, you can learn more about that here. If you’re interested in a more complex yard redesign project, we can bring experts to the table, just like Redbud, to help.
And remember, these projects take months to plan and execute, so be prepared to discuss budget and timeline thoroughly with the team! Taking the time to do things right ensures a quality end result.

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