Swimming Pool Remodeling

If your swimming pool is several years old or you just want to give it an upgrade, turn to us for all your pool remodeling needs. Eastern Aquatics can make your pool look better than ever. From pool resurfacing to replacing broken tile, we can do it all. We’ll even help take your pool to a new age with smart automation.

Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Don’t let a damaged or dull swimming pool detract from the beauty of your property. Your old pool can look great with new pool tile, an added water feature, or other surface work. Our experts in pool remodeling can restore, remodel, or renovate any pool. We look at your pool and see exactly how to bring it back to life again. From complete resurfacing to aesthetic changes like replacement pool tile, we bring your pool’s luster and allure back in no time.

Pool resurfacing is a great choice for tired and drab pools. Your pool starts to show age over time with cracks, blemishes, and other surface issues. When this happens, it’s time to resurface your pool. Eastern Aquatics can remove the old surface plaster and replace it with a brilliant new finish.M

Pool Tile Replacement

Replacing pool tile lets makeover your swimming pool with a new look. If you have cracked or broken tiles, replacement will make your pool look as good as the day it was installed. We can fix any of the common issues with pool tiles:

  • Loose or falling tile
  • Tile with white deposits
  • Cracked or broken tile
  • Improper installation

Fixing these problems will help extend the life of your pool. Broken, loose or falling tile can also pose a safety risk, so it’s important to address it as soon as possible.

Switching your pool tile is also a great way to improve an aged and unsightly pool. You’ll love looking down to see the beautiful new tile gleaming in the water.

Replacing Pool Coping

Coping, the material above your pool tile, is an important part of your gunite pool construction. Not only does the coping separate the pool from your decking, it also provides a sturdy space for swimmers to grab to enter and exit. Coping also forms a barrier to protect water from entering the pool and guard against leaves, dirt, and grass.

Your pool coping can be cracked, damaged, or come loose over time. This can make the pool edge unsafe and also affect the condition of the pool. Water may seep behind the tiles and damage the pool shell. Once you spot any damage, hire a pool remodeling expert before the problem worsens. If you have any concerns about your pool coping or want to change it out for a new look, contact Eastern Aquatics, your pool remodeling experts.

Pool Automation

Smart home technology isn’t just regulated to your house. Pool automation allows you to control your pool’s features and status from your smartphone. You can set your pool’s temperature, turn on/off water features, receive alerts on the pH level, and manage maintenance tasks from anywhere. Adding a new pool automation system is easy with Eastern Aquatics. We’ll help your pool go online in no time.

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