Swimming Pool Coping

One of the most valuable elements of your pool design is pool coping, a protective cap used on the pool wall. Swimming pool coping is the heart of your pool’s design, affecting not only the appearance but also the safety and maintenance. Eastern Aquatics helps homeowners find the right pool coping for their pool, offering a variety of options that look beautiful in any design.

Pool coping has several purposes in the pool’s design. First, it prevents water from splashing into the area behind your pool shell. If the water penetrates this area, it could damage the shell and be a costly fix. Coping also helps with day-to-day pool maintenance by forming a barrier against leaves, grass, needles, and other debris that would dirty the pool water. In addition to the maintenance and barrier protection that swimming pool coping offers comes a safety benefit. Swimmers can grip the coping to pull themselves up, using it to enter and exit the pool.

Precast Coping

If you want a stone appearance that looks great and is low maintenance, precast coping is a perfect choice. Precast coping is a lower cost alternative to natural stone and offers the grandeur of stone coping to your inground pool. This form of swimming pool coping comes in a variety of textures, colors, and pattern designs to offer you any look you can imagine.

Precast saftey grip bullnose swimming pool coping Swimming pool with precast white pool coping Hot Tub with precast saftey grip bullnose coping

Natural Stone Coping

There’s nothing like the warmth and texture of natural stone in your inground pool design. Natural stone describes a range of mineral materials sourced from the Earth. Although a bit pricier than other options, natural stone is one of the premier pool coping choices. Materials like granite, limestone, marble and other hard minerals are available. All are long-lasting, and add elegance to your pool’s design.

A stack of bluestone swimming pool coping Clover shape hot tub with bluestone coping Custom shape gunite with swimming pool bluestone coping Custom built fountain with limestone coping Freeform swimming pool with flagstone coping

Paver & Brick Coping

Reliable, durable, and popular, paver and brick coping are an excellent choice for easy maintenance. Pavers feature a range of color options and offer a natural aesthetic, with a sleek style that fits any pool design from contemporary to classic. Bricks offer stain resistance and are long-lasting. Both paver and brick coping can be replaced with ease if an individual brick or paver is damaged.

Assorted colors of brick pool coping Red bick pool coping wrapping around swimming pool steps Gunite swimming pool with granite brick style coping

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