Swimming Pool Design

Your swimming pool design should be as unique as your property. Custom pools by Eastern Aquatics can feature a wide range of shapes, sizes, and features. As we work with you on the swimming pool you always imagined, we’re ready to bring your vision come to life. Gunite pools offer endless customization and flexibility in design, so you can have exactly what you envisioned.

The perfect swimming pool starts with the right design. You will want to consider the following when you plan the design:

  • Where will the pool be located?How will the pool be used? Exercise? Family gatherings?
  • What water features will the pool have?
  • Will you have accessories?
  • How will the pool design work with the property?
  • What maintenance will the pool need?
  • What’s your budget?

Answering these questions will help you decide on a pool design. You may want to provide a pool builder with examples of your dream pool. Supply a picture from a magazine or a simple sketch so they can build upon your idea.

Designing Your Pool

Designing your pool doesn’t have to be complicated. The process should actually be fun. Eastern Aquatics works with homeowners and commercial property developers to create great designs for custom pools. We install gunite pools tailored to any design with ease.

Pool Shapes, Size and Features

Swimming pool design offers a variety of shapes. Rectangular pools are a classic choice, but gunite pools let you put your imagination to the test. You may choose the familiar kidney shaped pool. L-shaped, figure 8, oval, and other pool shapes are possible with gunite construction.

Swimming pool features let you put your unique touch on your custom pool and customize it to your desired use. Inground pool features add character to your pool and make it a one-of-a-kind addition to your property. Transform your pool with a waterfall or add an elegant touch with a fountain. Give a place for maximum relaxation with a spa or hot tub, or simply add a fun twist with a deck jet. The choice of accent is yours. Eastern Aquatics will make it happen.

Landscaping & Yard Features

Creating an oasis around your pool means making sure every detail is perfect. Landscaping will add ambiance and enhance your pool’s appearance. Include landscaping and yard features in your overall swimming pool design. Consider what you want around your pool and how it will function in the final design.

Will you have an island vibe? A Mediterranean oasis? How about a chic modern look? Your theme will help you decide what plants and yard features to add. Look at your final vision and then landscape to match it.

The plants you add can be a perfect privacy screen and look beautiful but you need to consider how much maintenance they’ll need. Some plants can consistently drop debris or leaves in the water. Before you plant anything, know what you’re in for with every option you choose. Don’t neglect safety with landscaping either. You should include a pathway in your design so you and your guests can safely walk around the pool. Choose a path design that works with the traffic pattern.

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