Commercial Swimming Pools

Eastern Aquatics is a leader in commercial swimming pools for schools, health clubs, fitness complexes, recreation centers, and hotels. With expertise in both pool design build and aquatic engineering, we provide commercial pools that are functional, safe, and attractive.

Commercial swimming pools need more planning and consideration than a traditional backyard pool. A pool builder must design a pool that’s not only beautiful, but that’s also safe and functional for its users. Commercial pools at hotels, colleges, resorts, country clubs, and other spaces frequented by the public must adhere to relevant design and safety codes. Adding a commercial swimming pool means you need a trusted pool builder familiar with the process.

Facility Types
  • Schools
  • Health Clubs
  • Fitness Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Water Parks
  • Aquatic Engineering
  • Design Build
  • New Construction
  • Renovations
  • Chemical Automation

Lap Pools & Diving Pools

Primarily used for fitness and training, a lap pool is a great feature for any gym or swim facility. These inground swimming pools are built especially for competitive swimming and exercise, designed to give a good workout for the swimmer. Lap pools are long and narrow, with a length ranging 45 to 75 feet. The point of a lap pool is to let the swimmer have a good stroke on each lap. No gym, fitness facility, or recreation center is complete without a lap pool or diving pool.

Clarkson University's lap plastered by Eastern Aquatics.

Diving pools are pools that feature diving boards and have a varying depth. These swimming pools are constructed with a shallow end and a deep end. A diving pool requires at least a depth of at least 10 feet to safely install a diving board. Each state has its own requirements for diving pool depth, board height, and width.

Design Build

A commercial pool is a more complicated build than a residential pool and requires a professional pool builder. As you consider adding a swimming pool to your property, you’ll need a designer who can create a beautiful structure that attracts guests. Your commercial swimming pool requires a design that matches the exterior of the property and that can attract guests. These pool types can accommodate a wealth of options such as spas, pool bars, and other features. Most architects are not pool designers. When designing a structure, they often leave only allocated space for the pool. Our engineers fill in the gaps and help you create the whole vision to see how pool works beautifully with the property.

Aquatic Engineering

An experienced aquatic engineer will focus on the safety, appearance, and function of the swimming pool. State and local aquatic design health codes have strict regulations a pool builder must follow when it comes to commercial swimming pools. The health department must view and sign off on all of the pool’s blueprints to ensure public safety and reduce liability. Eastern Stone uses professional aquatic engineers who will generate blueprints for your proposed new commercial swimming pool. Not only will you see the aesthetics of the design, but you’ll also see exactly how your pool meets the regulations of your area.

Eastern Aquatics specializes in commercial pool building for a variety of users and no matter the size, scope, or design, we can help get a great pool.

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