Square Pool Design and Why It’s Growing in Popularity

Think swimming pool design needs to stick to one particular style? Think again! Gunite pools, or pools made from concrete, can be constructed into nearly any shape possible. One of the more popular pool design choices involves geometric shapes. A geometric pool design features sharp lines and straight edges, such as a square. 
While rectangular pool design is still a common choice for residential or commercial pools, a growing number of people are opting for a square pool design instead.  Square pools often take up less space compared to a rectangular pool and require less maintenance. If you’re interested in getting a new pool, consider a square pool. Here are a few reasons why they’re a great choice. 

Space-Saving Solution 

Square pools are an ideal choice for a backyard that’s considered to be on the smaller side. While you might lack the space for a large swimming pool, a square pool will transform a small backyard or accent a lush garden. These pools take up less space than a rectangular pool and are an attractive addition. 

Beautiful and Complementary

Square pool design complements nearly any house’s exterior aesthetics, from a 1950’s ranch to a brand-new build. The clean straight lines pair beautifully with mid-century homes for a chic look but don’t be afraid to add a square pool to your non-MCM home.

Great for Families

If you want to add a small pool for your family, consider a pool that features a square design. It will be the perfect place for your children to cool off, or and for you to have a romantic soak with your partner. The pool will offer comfort and enjoyment, yet need less maintenance than a traditional large rectangular pool. A square pool next to a large luxurious pool can be an excellent splash area for young kids. 

Designing The Perfect Square Pool 

As you prepare to contact a pool builder to discuss a square pool, think of your needs. You might want to consider the answers to the following:
●      Who will use the pool?
●      How will the pool be used?
●      How deep do you want the pool?
●      What water features and lighting do you need?
●      What size should you choose?
●      What is your pool budget?
These are a few good considerations and will help your pool builder make sure they know exactly what you want. Your pool is going to be the centerpiece of your backyard or property. Treat it like a work of art.

Incorporate Lighting into the Pool Design

A square pool in your backyard is a striking design choice, therefore make sure it gets the attention it deserves with good lighting. A well-placed light will accent the lines and edge for good visual interest. You may want to light up the edges or give the pool bottom a brilliant glow. The options for playing with light for your square pool are endless.

Customize Your Square Pool 

Don’t think that your pool design stops at a simple square. With water features, landscaping, and lighting, your square pool can be a unique masterpiece. Whether you want a lush garden full of plants or a bubbling hot tub to accompany your pool, make sure it’s the pool of your dreams. You may even want to add a few underwater features and play up the 3-D nature of your pool. 
Thinking about adding a square pool to your property? We offer gunite pool design in all kinds of shapes, including square pools. Eastern Aquatics is ready to deliver your square pool in Saratoga, NY and the surrounding area. Contact us today!

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